Band Founder/Lead Guitar/Vocals

Born in Detroit, Michael started playing guitar in the mid 1970’s and fronted several bands in the northern Michigan area.  After an economic downturn he moved to Texas and played in various bands until launching a solo career in the late 80’s.  While working at an audio/video facility he finished a music video production entitled “The America Dream” which was distributed to the MTV basement tapes and quickly took to touring with his band.  The first Mike and the Mix project started shortly after as a 4 piece group playing at the Wichita Falls Sheraton as the house act.

“It was my vision to play a true “mix” of music that everyone would enjoy.”

The band evolved a few times during their two and a half year gig and finally did their last show on New Year’s Eve 1999.   Needing a break Michael took some time off and relocated to the Dallas area.  During a solo show for his home owners association, he was approached to audition for a local rock band.  After several months and a few member changes the band was reborn again as Mike and the Mix with Michael, vocalist Julie Zeplin Nelson, Mark Wizgen and Brian Jones.  The band rocked the Rockwall area for the next 6 years playing clubs, concerts and private parties.

“We really had a lot of fun and got along great.  It was nice to start doing bigger shows again and we had a lot of success in the area.”

Unfortunately after a back injury, drummer Brian Jones could not continue.

“The band just ran its course and simply went in different directions.”

They all remained great friends and still continue to support each other’s efforts.  Michael continued his mobile DJ business and did a couple of small shows with Julie until finding the missing piece to the band in Jason Balkum.

“I met Jason while I was playing at church and thought he would be a good fit for us.”

Again after several months of rehearsal, Mike and the Mix were back doing shows with its current lineup.

“We have good balance and try to keep things simple while doing what we love.”

Look for Mike and the Mix at local events in the Rockwall area!